Ultimate Stabilizer Guide

After my video “DIY Digital Stabilized Camera Gimbal” some people got the impression that I prefer these to steadicams. I of course do use steadicams but since many people find them difficult and frustrating to use, those new digitally stabilized camera gimbals hold a lot of promise. Right now, though, they are still expensive and so I do recommend steadicams to indie filmmakers, as long as they invest the time to learn how to use them. And that’s what this post is all about.

I am reviewing five different models of steadicams/camera stabilizers that range in price between $85-600 (Lensse MidX, Hague, Flycam, Sevenoak Pro, Merlin). I also explain how steadicams work in general and how to set up these and any other steadicam.

The last stabilizer I recommend is the Sevenoak Pro.

I have so much content for this topic that I’ve had to divide it up into several videos.

Firstly, here is the main video that I posted at polcan99 on YouTube – it includes all the reviews and introduces the discussion of how steadicams work.

The remaining videos are only available through this website.