VariZoom Stealthy stabilizer

More than just a Camera Stabilizer

The Stealthy™ is a unique, high quality stabilizer for video cameras. Its patented engineering allows an operator to switch back and forth from a tabletop tripod, 3-point shooter, camera stabilizer, short monopod stabilizer, or long monopod (sold separately) quickly and easily. Stealthy™ is specifically designed to hang from your belt clip when not in use and can be quickly drawn up for capturing shots at a moment’s notice. This ground breaking handheld camera stabilizer is offered at a price that is affordable for both amateurs and experienced film makers alike.

Stealthy™ is made for handling cameras up to 3 lbs., but we also offer the Stealthy™ WT5 for cameras weighing up to 5 lbs. The Stealthy’s™ ability to quickly convert between multiple support points makes it one of the most popular and versatile film accessories on the market. There is only a limited inventory available on this handheld camera stabilizer, so shop while you still can! Have a steady camera all day, every day with this amazing product.

Stealthy Demo Video