Wonders of the Monsoon – Cambodia

This excerpt taken from the BBC television show “Wonders Of The Monsoon” was shot primarily on the MōVI M10 handheld camera stabilizer by Freefly Systems, operated by Motion State partner Sam Nuttmann.

Series Producer: Paul Bradshaw
Director / Producer: Kathryn Jeffs
Assistant Producer (Angkor Wat sequence): Valeria Fabbri-Kennedy
MōVI Operator / Cinematographer: Sam Nuttmann
Additional Cinematography (non-MōVI): Mat Thompson
Narrator: Colin Salmon
Music Composer: Nitin Sawhney

Camera Stabilizer System: Freefly MōVI M10
Camera: RED Epic
Lenses: Zeiss Contax
Wireless Video: Teradek Bolt
Monitors: SmallHD AC7 / DP4
Remote Follow Focus: Hocus Axis1

SPECIAL THANKS to Freefly Systems for use of their MōVI M10 system and technical support.