by Peter Makholm

Zhiyun Weebill S Monitor Mount – Weebill S Gimbal Tutorial. On the Weebill S, ZhIyun has made a monitor mount for an external monitor. A gimbal monitor is an essential gimbal accessory in This Weebill S gimbal tutorial. I have two Monitor mount options for your Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal Tutorial.

In this Zhiyun Weebill S Monitor Mount tutorial, We will take a look at Two monitor mounts from Smallrig. Thes two monitor mounts are some that I use my self and can honestly recommend buying for your gimbal if you are looking to get a monitor for your Weebill S gimbal.

Why do you need a Zhiyun Weebill s monitor setup? It is very simple. Better vision, and when using your Zhiyun weebill s in sling mode, you can’t see the screen unless you have a flip-out screen.
But The external monitor will allow you to re-position the monitor for perfect vision at any angle.

The first weebill S monitor mount is the: SmallRig Universal Magic Arm. This mount is great if you want a small a compact mount for your monitor.

The other monitor mount is the more expensive but fantastic and quick to setup. It is the: SmallRig Monitor Mount support. This monitor arm slides on a nato rail and can easily be adjusted.